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I follow a lot of “lifestyle” blogs in addition to book blogs… especially if they involve sports/football. One of my favorites is Love, Fun, and Football. Erin wrote a post the other day that’s a part of a “Back to Blogging” link-up hosted by Alyssa Goes Bang. Phew, that’s quite an introduction for this post! Anyways, I liked the topic idea: blog post drafts I haven’t hit the publish button on yet. For me, they’re mostly book centered and they’re mostly incomplete… hence why I haven’t published them yet. There’s something that’s just preventing me from finishing them too. Which of these would you be interested in? Should I finally just POST them?!


On Fandoms and Obsessions

I made some observation on Twitter a few months ago about how I can tell my fandom “transitions” by going through my Tumblr page. I have a tendency of obsessing over something, posting a lot about it, then getting obsessed with the next thing and posting a lot about it… and so on. I can track how my fandoms change throughout the course of 2016 pretty easily. I made a post that goes from January through now and talks about each of those fandoms a little bit. I’m pretty sure none of them are book-related, so it would be a fun personal post to finally finish. I got through listing them all out but couldn’t decide how to flesh it out – GIFs, why I like(d) it so much, etc.?

Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well Tag

This circulated a little while back and I didn’t post it. I did fill the whole thing out though lol. I think I was kind of meh about my answers by the time I finished and thought it looked too boring without pictures of some kind. I may spruce it up and post it someday when I’m feeling more desperate for content. Another personal post too!

Best Covers of Books I Disliked

I always always judge books by their covers because I LOVE COVERS. I could beat the book cover topic to death and frankly maybe I already do with all my features. There are a handful of great book covers on books I wasn’t a big fan of. I couldn’t find the best way to phrase it but I think this heading makes the most sense if I decide to post. I feel weird making lists of “bad books” or books I hated, so I think I felt too negative? Even though I’m technically complimenting their covers? I’m not sure.

Authors I’ve Read 1 Book from & Need More

There was a TTT “rewind” topic a while back where you chose a topic you missed and wrote about it. Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide did this topic and I loved her post. I’m pretty sure I just typed a little introductory paragraph about it and then never even got a list going. Usually my drafts have at least a few ideas in the bottom. Oh well, I don’t think this one would be hard to flesh out. What a fun topic! Why’d I forget it?!

Favorite Fantasy Worlds

I don’t read as much Fantasy as I’d like, but I definitely have some FAVORITES. World-building is key for me though – if I think the magic system is cool and the overall ~vibe~ of the world is fun, the book will get an A+ from me. I don’t even know which I’d choose of the top of my head; I think this is one where I just drafted the title as an idea for a later date. We’ll see if and when I flesh this out! I read a lot Fantasy books in the winter, so maybe December would be a good time, once I have more worlds under my belt.

Redeeming Books I Called Pointless

This is another somewhat negative post that makes me laugh now thinking about it. I realize I say books are “pointless” in my reviews a little too often. I feel like no book is really, truly pointless. I’m sure SOMEONE could get something from the book. I wanted to write a somewhat funny post talking about books I maybe didn’t like so much, then finding their redeeming qualities. Not sure how I’d do it, but I like the idea still!

Cringing at Old Blog Posts

I recently went through my old posts and was embarrassed at the graphics, the formatting, and even the topics. I wanted to have a little laugh with everyone about how far I’ve (hopefully) come since 2014, even just in terms of formatting and language. Oddly enough though, I like my early reviews better than my recent ones. We’ll see if this post ever sees the light of the blog. Probably not, to be honest. Too embarassing.

(Re)Reading Sarah Dessen

I made it a plan for the second summer in a row to read and reread all of Sarah Dessen’s books, rank my favorites, and ask other bloggers to share their Dessen favorites. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually get around to it because I keep pushing the books off again, but I do have a lot of details planned.

Book Blog Post Ideas and Discussions

I was working on this master post to give everyone ideas for blog posts and discussions. I still have this one waiting to be published because I think it’s a good one! I got nervous I would be stepping on toes if someone already posted about these topics and they wanted credit? I don’t know. All of the ideas are from posts I’ve written or ideas I came up with myself. I’ll polish this one up and post it sometime soon maybe.

I Don’t Think I’m a Mood Reader Anymore (!?)

I was going REALLY strong with following a TBR for a little while. I just picked up the next book I needed to read and then read it. Since then though… I’ve sort of gone back to my old mood reading ways? I usually read based on my mood unless I have a deadline to meet for something. I may revisit this at some point because it could be a worthwhile discussion. I’m curious about other people’s reading moods and methods.

Misleading Book Covers

Again with the book covers… I love when covers match the books perfectly based on what’s inside. On the flipside, I’ve definitely read some books and wondered why the cover looked a certain way. These misleading covers could be fun and different book cover discussion. We’ll see if I have enough to actually pull together and create a post.

Quick Bonus Round

Clearly this post got away from me a little bit. I still have quite a few left that would be fun to maybe explore at some point! I have a lot of drafts from the ~creative~ spree I had back in like April/May. Let’s see…

  • Prettiest Posts – the best graphics and colors I’ve used in various posts
  • Contemporary Recs for Every Reader – honestly not sure, maybe people who like different topics?
  • Seasonal TBR Moods – a lot of people have discussed this before and it’s true for me!
  • Is There a Difference Between Unlikeable Characters and Characters You Don’t Like? – this topic was kind of hard for me to flesh out as I was writing it, but I do like the idea of this discussion
  • Magical Historical Fiction – I primarily like historical fiction books when there are fantasy/magical elements mixed in; I kind of discussed this already when I asked for recommendations
  • The Impact of Audio – audiobooks and how they can impact the reading experience/ feelings on the book
  • Spoilers – I didn’t want to polarize people with this one so I kept it in drafts lol
  • Reading Less vs. Reading Slump – as I got going with this post, I couldn’t get all of my thoughts in the right place… I do want to try to work on this distinction if I can maybe?


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  1. Rowena

    I don’t have any drafts because I’m more of a spur of the moment blogger but dude, that’s a lot of inspiration in one post. Thanks Lauren!

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