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post-ideasFor some reason, I don’t often run out of content ideas. I feel like I always have too many ideas in my head at once and want to post them ALL immediately. It’s an issue. I know, I know – it’s a good problem to have. I figured I would share some really general blog post ideas for book bloggers! Most of these I pulled out of my own head or looked through old posts I wrote. A select few are ideas from other blogs that I credited.

General Bookishness

  • Recent book deal announcements you’re excited about
  • Favorite book covers
  • Book synopses that grabbed you right away
  • Your read-bait words/premises
  • Do an old TTT topic you never did (I do this sometimes and credit them!)
  • Create or do an existing book tag
  • Update an old post you wrote if your feelings have changed
  • Favorite ships, OTPs, or families in books
  • Books you were disappointed by OR exceeded your expectations
  • Ask for book recommendations under certain categories you want to explore more
  • Do a deep dive into a specific genre you like: faves, least faves, why read it, etc.
  • Resources you use for finding new books or buying/reading books
  • Do a March Madness bracket for your favorite books during a certain timeframe, within a genre, of all time, etc. (inspired by Andi’s post)
  • Pick careers for book characters based on their stories
  • Recommend books for readers based on their favorite TV shows or movies
  • Books you wish they’d make into movies or TV shows
  • Thoughts on DNFing books: do you do it often, never, etc.?
  • Authors you’d love to see or meet or go on tour together


  • Recent books you added to your TBR list on Goodreads
  • Books you own that you need to finally read
  • Unreleased books you can’t wait for
  • Recently released books you hope to read soon
  • Books on your wishlist (Secret Sister or otherwise!)
  • Recent books you took out from the library
  • General TBR thoughts: hate em, love em, fail at them?
  • How you organize your Goodreads (special shelves or no?)

Wrap-Ups & Updates

  • Looking ahead to the coming month (book releases, TBR, personal, etc.)
  • Monthly wrap-up if you don’t usually do them
  • Update an old post you wrote if your feelings or habits changed since writing it
  • How your reading habits may or may not have changed since you started blogging
  • Currently” post to share what you’re up to in your real life

Bloggy Things

  • Blog tips you’ve learned so far; advice you’d give the new blogger version of yourself
  • List of your favorite blog posts, TTT posts, or reviews you’ve written (like Jamie did!)
  • Blog organization and scheduling
  • Why you chose your blog design/colors

Personal-Bookish Mix

  • Recent TV shows you’ve been binge-watching (or do the Netflix and Books Tag I created with Erica!)
  • Share how and when you started reading (in general or with a specific genre)
  • Book characters with similar personalities to you
  • Book characters you wish you were like or you could learn from
  • Mash up your favorite TV show or movie with a book somehow
  • Show where you like to read and/or your ideal reading spot
  • Do other people in your life read? If so, what books do they recommend?
  • Share your dream library if you could have anything in it
  • Books you’d select for a book club and what you’d discuss about them


(See my post about how to stop hating review-writing/other review ideas here!)

  • GIF-filled review (very little words involved)
  • Reasons to read this book / avoid reading this book
  • Reviews in tweet form

29 responses to “Book Blog Post Ideas and Discussions

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Lauren! They are all great ideas and I might need to do a few of those because I’m really bored of writing reviews. I especially like the Book Characters You Wish You Could Be Like idea!

  2. This is a great list Lauren! It’s really awesome that you can come up with all of these, because I am not very good with coming up with ideas. And honestly I won’t write them up unless I”m super passionate or have many things to say!

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