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I don’t do as much rereading as I could, should, or want to. I always tell myself I don’t have enough time with all of the other NEW books out there. However, the best kinds of rereads that sort of take away from this issue are (a) audio rereads because it’s like bonus reading time anyways and (b) rereads of books I read for the first time a VERY long time ago, so it’s like I’m reading it again for the first time. I’ve had success with some nostalgic series in the past. I hope to reread some more recent releases this year though, because lots of books have sequels coming out and I decided I wanted to be prepared!

MY LADY JANE by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Reason: It was SO good and I got the audiobook on sale recently; companion story coming out soon
Format: Like I said, I got the audiobook on sale after Black Friday!
When: Probably sometime close to the release of the new book? They’re not an actual series so I don’t HAVE to do it this way, but I’m guessing I’ll read it sometime around April. I realistically could hold off on rereading this because I don’t have a NEED, but I may as well let myself have some fun 🙂

CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber

Reason: I don’t remember much from my first read of the book (what else is new though?) and I preordered the second book in the series. I remember there being a cliffhanger of sorts and I read this wayyy before its release date, so by the time May 2018 happens it’ll have been 23 MONTHS since I read the first book. That’s almost exactly two years. Holy shit????
Format: I got the audiobook also on sale, so I’ll be enjoying a reread through that format! I think I’ve heard that the narrator is good, so that definitely helps too
When: LEGENDARY comes out at the end of May, so I’ll probably try to space them out nicely in that month, maybe starting the CARAVAL audio around the first week of the month to ensure it’ll be done by the 29th

GOSSIP GIRL series by Cecily von Ziegesar

Reason: I’ve been itching for more nostalgic rereads after finishing the A-LIST series with Cristina, and this is the ultimate classic high-school-into-college series for me
Format: I absolutely would love it if this series had audiobooks, but they don’t. I recently went and purchased some of the paperback books because they were super cheap but I have to round out my collection between the newly acquired ones and some I have at my mom’s house
When: As much as I’d love to do this immediately, my guess is that it’ll happen in the second half of the year. Because most of my books are scattered around CT and I’m in ME, I don’t want to bring them up here. I’m going to generally target September/October as a good time, like we did for A-LIST

 Family Affairs (Secrets of My Hollywood Life, #3) The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars, #1) 


Reason: My plan was to reread the first 3 books in the series so I could finally finish it (because I never did when I was a teenager). I’m still in the “reread phase” because I never got to the third book (pictured above) when I started  rereading last year
Format: I don’t believe there are audiobooks for these but honestly they’re SO quick and short that reading the paperbacks is no issue. I bought the full series on sale when I saw them last year, I think, so I don’t have to worry about that either
When: This is another one I can pin down for the second half of the year, unless I REALLY have an itch to reread them in the middle of the year. I believe they’re all at my dad’s house on the shelf so they’re easy to grab if I decide to do that.

THE LOOKING GLASS WARS series by Frank Beddor

Reason: I was obsessed with this series when I was in high school and I’m really curious about if it holds up now. I like Wonderland retellings and this is definitely the first I read!
Format: I recently acquired all of the paperbacks for this series (thank you, Christmas list!), so I’ll definitely be reading the physical copies instead of audiobooks
When: Again, probably the second half of the year. I like to read fantasy books in November-ish because they’re cozy and heavier as the weather gets colder. I think I’ll plan for that month as of right now, especially because my books are also home in CT


Reason: I’m STILL pissed we could have had a sequel for this book and people ruined it. Aside from that, I adored this book so incredibly much and haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read it. I think that’s a great reason to reread it!
Format: I have the ebook copy of this already but I have easy access to the audiobook on Hoopla as well, so I have a feeling this will be an audio reread to try something new
When: If I do the audiobook, I’ll probably reread/listen to it sometime in the next few months maybe? I don’t do a lot of driving without Chris in the car, so maybe it’ll be a time where I’m driving home by myself or use it during commutes when I’m already home and podcasts are slow

8 responses to “Potential 2018 Rereads

  1. I never actually re-read anything. I always find that I feel like I’m wasting time–when I could be reading something new. But there a few that I would re-read if I found the time. So I get it. I hope you fall in love with these again.

  2. i haven’t read any book from this list, but i want to read my lady jane this year after i read the princess bride next month! i don’t do rereads but this year, i want to do harry potter reread one book per month and i’m on book 2 now 😀

  3. Oh gosh, I miss binge-reading and re-reading so much. With my two very bookish jobs (both oriented on staying on top of the latest releases AND going through backlist titles) it’s become such a pie-in-the-sky dream to re-read a book! I would also re-read MY LADY JANE (what a riot), and I’d like to re-read a Kate Morton book or THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Or DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST. Ugh, I’d re-read lots, to be honest.

  4. I’ve actually been a huge fan of re-reading books lately. I reread most of the Covenant series during the beginning of the year and I loved getting to read about the Covenant world & characters again. It’s always nice to reread old books that I know I’ll enjoy. I was a huge fan of Caraval, and I’ll probably need to reread it before I read the sequel due to all the twists and turns!

  5. I loooove to reread old favorites. In fact, I have a hard time NOT picking up a reread and making myself read something new instead. Ive reread books over and over and they never get old. Theyre like comfort books to me.

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