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I made a little challenge in a few years ago called the Must Read in 2016 Challenge – we all set out to read a very specific list of books that we REALLY needed to read in 2016. The idea was to include books from previous years that you were excited to read and never got around to, so you were resolving to READ THEM OR ELSE. It was not successful for me in any way because dang I STILL have not read some of those books. I’m working through my Rainbow Try a Chapter Unhaul personal challenge for this year, which has me picking 2-3 books per month based on a predetermined color (of the cover/spine of the book), reading a chapter, and deciding if I’ll immediately keep reading it or unhaul it.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of books otherwise that I still really need to READ OR ELSE. It feels like I’m making TBR posts every damn day on this blog because of my challenges, readathon, monthly reading plans, etc., but this post is really just a quick way to share some books I genuinely hope to read in 2020 because it’s about damn time. In fact, it’s far PAST time. I saw Hannah posted the ten books she’s targeting to read in 2020  based on a hashtag/challenge from Kayla of Idle Wild Reads (#my10toreadin19). I don’t want to formally sign up for anything or include this in my list of challenges, but I thought it would be smart to share ten books I really would love to read in 2020… finally!

The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer, #3) Hope and Other Punchlines

The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May

I’m going to try to not repeat myself too much when explaining my book choices, but yes – this is one where I definitely have myself wondering how in the world I haven’t read it yet. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and have never finished it with the final book. I think it’s the general nervousness about it being the LAST book, but I also need to read major recaps before diving in here. I’ve been putting it off for that combination of reasons.

Hope and Other Punch Lines by Julie Buxbaum

I realllly have loved Buxbaum’s books so far and I’m not sure how I managed to skip this one. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with 9/11 and that’s not necessarily anything I gravitate towards. I have to read it because I love her writing but I think that the topic is why I haven’t yet!

Forever, Interrupted Broken Things Bright Burns the Night (Dark Breaks the Dawn Duology #2)

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’ve talked about my weird habit about hoarding books by favorite authors because I never want to run out of them… and that’s definitely the case here. However, I always say that the reason I hoard them is because I never know when I might *need* one. And in 2020, I think I need this one! I didn’t love her most recent book and her next doesn’t come out until next year, so it’s time to go for this one.

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

This is another author I love and just haven’t read all of her books yet! This story is right up my alley and I genuinely don’t know what I’m waiting for. I hope to get to this one this year, for sure, because maybe it’ll fit somewhere in my Calendar of Crime Challenge.

Bright Burns the Night by Sara B. Larson

I tried to start the audiobook for this last year but didn’t end up pursuing it more than the first ten minutes. I need to recap the first book to finish this duo off! I didn’t looove book one but I hate having this sequel just hanging out there, waiting to be completed. I remember the first book was such a quick and easy read – especially for me reading a fantasy! – so I would love to finish this off.

Rose & Thorn (Ash & Bramble, #2) Twist (Loop, #2)

Rose & Thorn by Sarah Prineas

This series is a little weird and very different compared to most fairytale retellings! That’s why I was drawn to them in the first place. I enjoyed the first book and have been sleeping on this one for a while now. I never even published the first review because I wanted to post both in the same blog post!

Twist by Karen Akins

Yes, again, another duology I need to finish! I’m definitely going to try to make this a book during a blue month for my Rainbow Try a Chapter Unhaul. I don’t expect to quit reading it after one chapter by any means, but it’ll mean I’m forced to read it finally.

The Cheerleaders Moxie The Cursed Queen (The Impostor Queen, #2)

The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

This is a random one for sure but it was a book I was so excited for when it came out! I keep getting it confused with another book I almost put on this list (People Like Us by Donna Mele ) but I think I miiiight prefer reading this first, based on the plot summary. I need some good mystery/thrillers from the backlist for Calendar of Crime.

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

I know this will be a movie soon so I definitely need to get going on the book! I can’t believe it’s been sitting around for so long on my shelf. I know I’ll probably love it.

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

It’s only fitting that the final book on here is yet again another book-in-a-series that I really need to complete. I read and enjoyed the first book a LOT and definitely need a refresher before continuing. I have this one waiting on my shelf too of course. This is the second book in the series so I would love to read this AND The True Queen, which is the final book in the trilogy.

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  1. Good luck! I adore Sarah Fine so much, and I feel terrible I am behind on all her series.

    I didn’t start that series by Elizabeth May, but it’s always been on my TBR

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