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I was really in the mood to get back into some normal TV shows and movies once the holiday season passed. I usually am ONLY watching Hallmark or other holiday movies for like 2-3 months! I need to find a better way to balance that next year haha. In any case, turning the page to 2021 means a fresh slate of shows to work on or movies to see.

Recently Finished

Nicole Kidman Hbo GIF by The Undoing

The Undoing

I feel like I’m in the minority here but I didn’t love this. It was pretty addicting because I kept getting kind of hooked at the end of each episode or at the “cliffhanger” moment. I just wanted more from the ending? I don’t want to give anything away but I feel a big ol’ MEH about this one. (I finished this months ago but this post has been in my drafts forever haha.)

Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

Night Stalker

I’ve mentioned this on here before, I think, but this was pretty good. It was sort of background noise for me because I’ve already heard about this case on a million podcasts. The last episode was really powerful though because the way this case “ends” is insane.

Drown Season 2 GIF by The Boys

The Boys

I’ve been obsessed with Chace Crawford since Gossip Girl so when Chris randomly mentioned this show, I was in. He’s a shitbag (like many other characters in this show… literally all of them basically???) but it’s fine because I get to see his face. This was really interesting overall – we lost some steam for a bit but we’ll be ready to resume when S3 comes out.

Jason Sudeikis Football GIF by Apple TV

Ted Lasso

PERFECTION IN A TV SHOW. I soooooo need more episodes of this. Please. Jason Sudekis is wonderful, I’m obsessed with the rest of the cast and premise, everyone is perfect and lovely. If you need a pick-me-up show, please watch this. I need a hundred seasons.

Asian American Reality Tv GIF by NETFLIX

Bling Empire

We wanted to watch more shows and movies with Asian rep so we somehow landed on this trash TV show haha. It was not great (honestly not even that dramatic or interesting) but I did fall for a few of the characters. Most of the others are annoying and very stupid.

Marvel Studios Reaction GIF by Disney+


This was amazing. I loved it. I never cared much about Wanda before and this completely changed my thoughts. I would protect her at all costs. I cannot wait to see how this aligns with the rest of the MCU and where it’s heading the next movies/shows!! So many good setups.

Netflix's Cecil Hotel documentary is a dangerous, bloated mess - CNET

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

This was fine. I know most people didn’t like it much and I didn’t really either, especially because I already knew a lot about the case. I kept it on in the background while I was working so it was fine background noise.

Currently Watching

Season 1 Devante GIF by PeacockTV

Saved by the Bell (Reboot)

Honestly, this is way better than I expected. The first 10-15 minutes of the first episode made me seriously cringe but somehow it completely turned around. There’s a lot more diversity in this version of the show and they even make subtle jabs to the original and their kind of lack of diversity and/or cheesiness. I’ve only watched a few episodes and my biggest complaint is that there’s VERY LITTLE KELLY KAPOWSKI. She is why I am HERE.

Fred Armisen Quarantine GIF by Showtime

Moonbase 8

We’re big Tim Heidecker fans so we decided to give this a go, especially with the other cast members involved! We started it on a whim and have maybe 2-3 episodes left that we hope to finish after we get through another show. It’s pretty good – not really lol-funny but good enough to watch and enjoy.

adam scott are we having fun yet GIF
Party Down

I saw random headlines that this show was rebooted, so I decided to broach the idea of watching it to Chris. I mean, with a cast like this, how could you go wrong? We’re loving it so far – it has a ton of great people and is a cult favorite for a reason. We have a handful of episodes left and will eagerly await the reboot after.

Murder Among the Mormons': Does this Netflix true crime spill *all* their secrets? – Film Daily

Murder Among the Mormons

I half-watched two out of the three episodes for this show and have not gotten around to the final one. I definitely should have paid more attention because I’m not interested enough to watch the third, but I’m usually a completist with shows like this so maybe I’ll just go for it.

The Rock Muscle GIF by NBC

Young Rock

Alright we watched the pilot and it was way better than we expected, but we haven’t watched any others yet. It seems cute and funny enough – I like the structure a lot. And who could resist Randall Park, right?

90 Day Fiance What GIF by TLC Europe

90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

We got into the 90 Day Fiance rabbit hole and had to get out after watching a couple of seasons. It’s not good but it’s addicting and makes my brain hurt after. We decided to tune in weekly to the newest spin-off (good lord, there are so many) because of Big Ed and the lady who got married to Mohammed and had a lot of subsequent issues. It’s entertaining enough and way better on a weekly basis than a binge for us, honestly.

4 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching

  1. I’m pretty much addicted to 90 Day Fiance, but I’m glad we don’t have Discovery +, I don’t think I could handle watching all those spin-offs!

  2. YES CHACE CRAWFORD. My husband watches The Boys but he said it’s way to violent for my tastes and that I won’t like how awful he is in it…but I would just love the opportunity to stare at him lol. We have been obsessed with Cobra Kai lately!

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