2023 Reading Challenges

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It’s time for the annual challenge sign-up! I decided to switch things up a little bit this year and try a few new challenges, in addition to a tried-and-true favorite.

The 52 Book Club's 2022 Reading Challenge

The 52 Club focuses on reading 52 books in a year, aka one book a week. I feel like (at this point in my life) that could be a more realistic goal for me but I refuse to dip lower than 75 books for my goal. I still thought this would be a fun Popsugar-esque reading challenge for the year! I really like most of the prompts.
I hope to read all of the books, as always, but I think a more realistic number is 40. I try to read 40 of the 50 Popsugar prompts per year so let’s assume the same for these.

Here are all of the prompts for this year’s challenge:

Mystery/Thriller Storygraph Challenge

I usually do the Calendar of Crime Challenge but am feeling a little bored of that particular format. Still highly recommend for other mystery/thriller readers if they haven’t tried it before! I recently started using Storygraph in addition to Goodreads and decided to partake in a couple of challenges that are listed there. It seems really easy and fun to join them, so why not?! The first is the Mystery/Thriller Challenge.
I definitely think I can get to all of these books. Much like Calendar of Crime, I read at least one (or many) mystery/thriller types of books each month. I can guarantee that I’ll be able to complete 26 within the genre! The biggest question will be if I can make sure to hit all of the prompts… they’re fairly easy so hopefully!

Here are all of the prompts for this year’s challenge – all of them need to be in the mystery, crime, thriller, etc. genre overall:

Popular author never read
Bestselling book
New-to-you author
Favorite author
First in a series
With bad reviews
Highly rated
Over 400 pages
Surprising ending
Domestic thriller
Female villain
Involves travel
Set in different country
Season important to plot
Seen on Booktok/IG
Cult following
Dual timeline
Should be movie/show
Out of comfort zone
True crime podcast
Author not from US/CAN/UK/AUS
Plant on the cover

I attempted Romanceolopy once before and definitely failed. I thought it would be fun to give it a go and really commit to it this year! I mean I pretty much only read contemporary fiction and mystery/thrillers at this point, so I should really expand my horizons WITHIN one of those genres at least…

This challenge basically utilizes a romance-themed game board that you roll the dice and move around. When you land on a prompt, it’s your next book to read! You can go the easier route and read a book within the general subgenre it lands on OR you can do the full-blown prompt to make it a little more specific.
I hope to just have fun with this one – I don’t think I’ll end up clearing the board or anything. I’d like to roll my dice at least once a month and include a book on my monthly TBR that meets the prompt/space on the board. I can guarantee 12 books per year that way. Ideally, I would keep rolling and see if I can make more work as I go!

You can better see all the prompts here in the Storygraph challenge tracker, but here’s a picture of the game board.


And finally, the tried-and-true for this year: Popsugar. I always do this one! I usually run out of steam 2/3 of the way through the year as the remaining prompts get a little harder but it’s fine. I still enjoy seeing how much I can accomplish and how far I can go out of my comfort zone.

As usual for this one: 40/50 prompts would be my minimum goal! I usually can achieve around that amount without trying too hard or adding books I wouldn’t normally read to my TBR.

I won’t include the big list of prompts here because they only have a PDF version, but you can check out their website at the link above! There are a lot of repeats and familiar prompts, which I’m okay with, but the challenge is a little easier this year as a result.

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