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I’m a big fan of food and ever since I tossed aside the idea of dieting, I’ve been in a much happier place with eating it and enjoying it! I’ve posted before about diets and food that I won’t link here because I’m not interested in perpetuating some of those things, but I will link my initial cookbook collection along with their rankings. Today’s post is a bit of an update on that because my cookbook collection has grown exponentially, and factors heavily into how I plan meals (post on that coming soon!). Without further ado, here’s a close-up on my entire cookbook collection as of right now.

Skinnytaste Collection

These are partially a holdover from my dieting days and I really hate the “Skinnytaste” name, but they’re good cookbooks. I don’t pay attention whatsoever to the calories or information she includes. I preordered the new one coming out later this year because it’s a “Simple” book with five-ingredients or less I think. I have all of the Skinnytaste cookbooks:

  • Air Fryer Dinners
  • Air Fryer Cookbook
  • Original Skinnytaste 
  • One and Done
  • Meal Prep
  • Fast and Slow

Four of them are larger full-size cookbooks and there are two smaller ones about the air fryer. Generally speaking I’ve made the most recipes from the last three that I listed above.

Celebrity Chefs and Other Go-To Books

These are some of my favorites and go-to cookbooks! Some of them are brand new and I haven’t read them yet so we’ll see if they become favorites soon. (Ignore the books on the left – those are nonfiction books and graphic novels. I just had to include that part of the shelf because I have two cookbooks on top!). Here are the cookbooks on this shelf that I would recommend:

  • Molly Baz – Cook this Book
  • Chrissy Teigan – Cravings, Cravings: Hungry for More, and Cravings: All Together **
  • Friends: the Official Cookbook
  • Tiegan Gerard – Half Baked Harvest (original), HBH Every Day, HBH Super Simple **
  • Dzung Lewis – Honeysuckle Cookbook **
  • Joanna Gaines – Magnolia Table Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • Rick Martinez – Mi Cocina
  • Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Super Easy
  • Pepper Teigan – Pepper Thai Cookbook **

The two I haven’t cracked into yet are Smitten Kitchen Keepers and Korean American. I put a few asterisks (**) above for the cookbooks that are my tried-and-true favorites that I would heartily recommend.

Used-Less-Often Collection

This is the extra cookbook section where things spill over! Despite the fact that I just reorganized my shelves and made room for 90% of the cookbooks, I have a few extras. Main ones here:

  • Shelf Cooking 101
  • I Dream of Dinner
  • Cooking through Trader Joe’s 
  • Cooking through Trader Joe’s – Favorites
  • Damn Delicious
  • Prep + Rally (not pictured – in the mail as we speak)

I haven’t gotten to the first two yet but the others are fun. I used to follow Chungah Rhee’s blog and finally got her cookbook for Christmas, which is good for more basic resumes (IMO). The Trader Joe’s ones are good if you shop there a lot!

Above are the ones I don’t use as much and random cookbooks that I’ve acquired as hand-me-downs or gifts.

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