Bout of Books 11 Wrap-Up

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Well, I didn’t meet my goal of 7 books – BUT I am definitely impressed that I made it to 6 books! I kind of forgot I had plans on Saturday night that would take up a lot of potential reading time. My boyfriend and I also had to use Sunday to start packing up some of our stuff so we can move into our new apartment in a couple of weeks! Overall, not the best reading weekend, but such a great reading week otherwise!

All of my reviews should be up within the next few weeks. I have some catching up to do, but most of the reviews are already completed and scheduled.

Here are my completed stats:

Number of books: 6
Total pages read: 1,848

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Did you stick to your TBR list?

  • Yes! I can’t believe it. I was tempted to switch it up but I did a good job of reading only the books I allotted for myself. The one thing that I changed was that I needed to add a second audiobook to the list, because I finished the first one a lot earlier than expected. I didn’t even end up finishing it (The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender) by the end of the challenge anyways, so I guess it doesn’t make much difference.
  • Which book was your favorite?
    Definitely To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! I’ve been wanting to read it for SO long and finally used Bout of Books as my excuse to buy it and give it a go. It was so adorable and funny; the characters were amazing too! [Review posted later this week]
  • Which book was your least favorite?
    Love Letters to the Dead
    was my least favorite. It wasn’t that bad, but the characters didn’t grab me like I had hoped. I loved the writing style and the letter format, but the overall story and characters did not leave any impression on me. I didn’t really feel for them or care much about the end result of the book. [Review posted later]

What I’m Happy About

  • I completed my goal of finishing one book per day, with the exception of the last day.
  • I listened to 2.5 audiobooks.
  • I finished a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while that was gathering dust, and it was really cute! (There’s Cake in my Future)

What I’m a Little Disappointed About

  • I didn’t meet my goal of 7 books.
  • I had to diverge from the TBR just for the second audiobook because I hadn’t planned to finish more than one.
  • I didn’t read on the final day at all!
  • I wish I completed more challenges.

8 responses to “Bout of Books 11 Wrap-Up

    • Thank you!! Overall I am proud, for sure. Life got in the way over the weekend but I’m grateful I was able to devote so much time to reading over the course of the week.

  1. Congrats! That’s tons of reading – and I’m impressed at your audiobooks! I always take a long time to finish them for some reason; usually more than a month.

    • I can normally listen to about an hour or so per day, between the time I spend getting ready for work in the morning and driving to work. I can normally finish one within a week or two depending on how long it is! Luckily I had a total of 5 hours driving time last week just for travelling to Maine for vacation!

    • Definitely. I’m going to be starting up a readathon for later this week to finish up some “summery” books – I hope to finish all of them over a longer timeframe! Keep an eye out in case you’re interested 🙂 I’m hoping some people will join me

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