Inside & Out #17: Laura from Scribbles & Wanderlust

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Admiring book covers and bookmarks, shared by you!

Welcome to INSIDE AND OUT. This feature includes two of my absolute favorite book-related things: bookmarks (inside) and book covers (out)! I’ve invited guest posters to share their favorite book covers and bookmarks here on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Sign-ups are always open (see bottom of post)! Check out past posts here.

the reader2

Laura from Scribbles & Wanderlust

Twitter: @LECrockett| Instagram: @lauraecrock| Goodreads

Tell me a little about yourself: I’m a literary agent and bookseller by day, and blogger by night. Whenever my life isn’t consumed with books, music takes over. Also, if I meet someone who’s the least bit interested in Victorian literature, I chat their ears off for days.

Talk about your blog (what you blog about/kinds of books, features, etc.): Scribbles & Wanderlust mostly has book reviews, but I also participate in Top Ten Tuesday, A to Z book survey, End of Year book survey, #ReRead2015, Seasonal Rewind (my own take on the monthly recap), Advance Excitement at a Glance (a glimpse at ARC reviews coming up for the month), and the occasional discussion/observation post on book and reading preferences.

Favorite genre: All genres within Young Adult, though I also read and review whimsical Middle Grade and Adult historical fiction. I realize I mentioned categories more so than genres, but I’m across the board!

Three books you recommend most often and why:  Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (because it has everything),Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (it’s that perfect upper-YA that even younger YA readers can appreciate and enjoy. Also, I think it’s easy for the Potter generation to connect to this book), The Likeness by Tana French (an undercover detective with a strange case in Dublin, full of subtle psychological shifts and ugh, I love the Dublin Murder Squad mysteries and this is the best)

the cover2

What book do we have here?  Paula Brackston’s The Winter Witch

Have you read it yet? If so, how was it? I did read it! It was the first Brackston novel I ever read, and now I gravitate to her books — or at least the ones with Welsh settings. It’s historical fiction first and foremost, with a dash of fantasy. The magic is very earth-based, kind of like Juliet Marillier’s work (which I also adore). Read my full review here!

What makes this cover a favorite?  The cover matches the title. It’s cool, blue and white, whispery, hushed. It’s bold without having flashing colors. The typeface is wintery as well, with spidery, stick-like text. Overall, it’s simply seamless.

What kind/style of covers do you usually pine over (script fonts, bright colors, realistic, etc.)?  Honestly, it depends on the genre and category. I love contemporary YA covers that look sketched, mystical or otherworldly fantasy YA covers (likeSeraphina or Snow Like Ashes). Adult covers tend to have a faceless woman on them or an object (teacups, an estate, foliage), but the typeface is usually what grabs my attention on those. MG books that I enjoy are more gothic or have a dash of sparkle in them (Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times comes to mind). While flashy colors and big dresses are certainly eye-catching, I’m drawn to the covers that can also tell the story with that cohesive art + typeface look.

Laura1the bookmark2

What bookmark did you chose?  A wooden quote bookmark.

What makes this one special to you? This bookmark was given to me by my Secret Santa last year. Not only was it a Harry Potter bookmark (without it blatantly appearing like a Potter bookmark), but the quote on it was directly from my favorite book of the series. Whether or not she knew that, I’ll never know — but it is perfect.

What kind of bookmarks do you prefer (paper, magnetic, quotes, etc.)? I love off-the-wall bookmarks. Magnetic ones are cute and I do use them, but another favorite is a typewriter pin (MARIE), a stretchy strap bookmark (NANA), a ribbon clip bookmark (HANNAH), and a set of Hogwarts Houses clip bookmarks (although I never use these, haha). Anything that does as little damage to the paper or spine as possible is the bookmark for me.

Thanks so much for joining Inside & Out, Laura! I think I’ve had that bookmark on my wishlist for a long time. I love it. Great picks!

Join in the fun!

Important: Sign-ups are always open and currently scheduled through the beginning of 2016.

17 responses to “Inside & Out #17: Laura from Scribbles & Wanderlust

  1. I love this feature! And I love your interview, Laura 🙂

    I’ve actually wanted to read The Winter Witch for some time! I’ve checked it out of the library once or twice but haven’t given it a go yet. Now I want to! The cover really is gorgeous for all the reasons you mentioned.

    I like similar covers. Typography is a big one for one and I’m really over the single symbol on a fantasy cover thing. I do fall for the pretty dress cover more than I’d like to admit but for me I just really like an aesthetically pleasing cover with the colors, fonts, and subject all coming together.

    Love that bookmark! I have lots of bookmarks but I’m not very good at using them haha.

    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted: Review: The Virgin’s Daughter by Laura Andersen
    • Let me know when you check out the book, Morgan. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

      Single symbol on a cover, hahaha. I think there was a phase when publishers were trying to be gender neutral and make covers pleasing to all, but the object isn’t quite eye-catching. (Plus, what’s with all the magical objects in fantasy? What’s that about?)

      Haha I used to be the same! Now I just use the ones I mentioned…Almost nothing else.

      Laura @ Scribbles & Wanderlust recently posted: Mini Reviews IV
  2. I love the colors and photography in the cover Laura chose! It gives the book a more eerie feel. 😉 Not too sure about the fonts–they’re really underwhelming, but I like the cover as a whole.

    That bookmark is the CUTEST–I totally want to reach into my screen and just grab it. <3 Also, HECK YES to this: "Anything that does as little damage to the paper or spine as possible is the bookmark for me." This is exactly why I mostly just use scraps of paper and cardboard bookmarks. 🙂

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted: Rambling Rundowns #2: The Excitement is Epic
  3. This is such a great idea! I love seeing other people’s bookmarks. The HP one is very cool. Generally, I find bookmarks that aren’t paper/cardboard annoying because they fall out, but I think I’d be perfectly happy if someone gave me that wooden one:P

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I’m enjoying it!

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