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Five on Friday displays the the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc. I’ll generally be posting these biweekly and linking up with Friday Favorites (hosted by A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals). Previous posts can be found here!

Podcast: CounterClock

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It’s been 20 years since emergency responders found Denise Johnson inside of a burning home.

An investigative journalist, Delia D’Ambra, revisits her small coastal hometown in North Carolina to dive deep into a 22-year-old cold case murder and arson that’s marred the image of where she grew up. This investigative series reveals new clues, never-before-heard interviews and tracks down potential suspects in the case.

The only way to understand Denise Johnson’s story is to go move counterclockwise in time; to go backwards to the point her clock finally stopped. (CounterClock website)

It’s no secret that I’m a true crime procast junkie and I’ve shared them randomly throughout the years. I actually have a roundup coming sometime soon to catch you up on all the ones I’ve enjoyed since my previous roundups back in 2017. Anyways, I heard CounterClock was coming because its produced by the Crime Junkie podcast group. The pod is hosted by someone else, who I enjoy, and the investigation into this cold case is essentially reopening in real time. It’s about a woman who was found dead (from stab wounds) in a burning house in a NC beach town. They thought it would be easy to solve back then but it reminds unsolved over twenty years later. It sounds like some major things get busted open while working on the podcast/investigation, which is awesome. They put out the first two episodes starting last week.

New Phone and Accessories

I randomly decided to upgrade my phone last week and have loved this decision! My iPhone X was being a pain in the ass, constantly freezing with a black screen or losing battery like nobody’s business. The minute my stepmom said it was paid off and eligible for upgrade, I hit up Apple for the iPhone 11. I got a lot of storage space so I’m loving that I’ve saved all 1,000+ of my liked songs on Spotify to it! I’m going to keep adding more and curating that list better too. Maybe that’s a post for another day! Anyways, I got this cute floral case (in addition to a pink silicone one from Five Below that held me over until this Amazon order came in) and my favorite screen protectors with the curved edges. I chose the purple phone, as you can see, so I like getting a clear case when I have a colored phone. It’s so much nicer and faster, and the battery life is amazing. I used to wake up around 6am and use my phone (scroll social media and then play a downloaded podcast episode or audiobook) until work at 9am, and the iPhone X battery would be at 68% already. I do the same thing with this one and the battery doesn’t hit that level until 2pm or later!

Silk Pillowcases

I’ve been meaning to upgrade our pillowcases to silk or satin for a while now and I finally took a cheap plunge thanks to Amazon! It was $10 for two of them so Chris decided he was cool with it too. I really just wanted it for my hair to be softer and less damaged every morning. So far I’m really enjoying them! They’re really comfortable. I’ll probably order another pack or two over the next couple of months so we can really swap them out frequently.

Word of the Year: SAVE

I’ve never determined a “word of the year” before but so many people have been sharing them lately, I decided to think more about it. My word is definitely going to be SAVE because ya girl needs to save money. We have so many things on the horizon to pay for, like a wedding and maybe a house at some point… I also hope to save money for trips/vacations coming down the line. From a non-money perspective, the word “save” makes me think of saving time. I want to do a better job of planning and organizing my home, life, and blog, so I don’t spend as much time cleaning up or dealing with things I don’t want to deal with. Another offshoot of this for me is about saving memories, meaning I want to take more pictures!

Project: Oscars Best Pictures


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Chris and I decided that this year we’d finally watch all of the Oscars Best Picture nominees ahead of the award show. We always discuss this and just never get around to it. This year, pretty much all of the nominees sounded good or at least watchable, unlike other years, so we got started. We saw Joker in theaters a while back and started our current run with 1917 this week. It was AMAZING. I’m not big on war movies and have probably watched like two in my life so the fact that I loved this is wild. It was just so well-done and the cinematography was everything. I laughed and cried and was completely gripped from start to finish. So far, out of the two Oscars nominees we’ve seen, this easily wins.

The Irishman

Up next: this week started to watch The Irishman on Netflix as a miniseries, as someone outlined/created down below. It’s just such a long movie and, like war movies, I’m not big on mob-related things. It’ll help me to watch it in this format probably! We hope to get to Parasite soon, maybe Little Women this weekend, and Jojo Rabbit next week when it’s back in theaters for a limited time.

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  1. So, I did go and see 1917 and we loved it! I was surprised by a few things, DM me to chat about it, but overall, so glad I went to see it!

    Also, love the phone case.

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