Top Ten Tuesdays #30: Heroines

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I’m not sure of the exact definition of heroine when it comes to books, but I’m going to loosely use it as “main female character.”  I don’t read a lot of books where there’s a badass heroine kicking butt… because most books I like are contemporaries. There are some great heroines in fantasy books so you can be sure I didn’t leave any of them out 😉



Em was one of the first characters that came to mind for this one. The character development in this story was just like no other. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read it, but I couldn’t believe how much Em matured and grew up compared to her former self.

Del was a character who was probably hit or miss for some people, because she was kind of reckless, but I liked that about her! She did whatever she wanted and really didn’t let anything or anyone stand in her way. Sure, it caused some problems, but it still was entertaining to read.

Hazel was pretty damn fearless in her countless interactions with fae people. She definitely didn’t obey the rules by any means, but she was definitely fun to read about. I loved her sibling bond with Ben, too.

Feyre, a recent addition to my favorite heroine list, was such a complex character. Her life was very lonely and she taught herself everything she needed to know in order to survive. She was so tough, strong, and fearless. I cannot wait to read more about her!

Hermione was always an amazing character, but I loved the depth given to her story in Prisoner of Azkaban. The time-turner aspect was awesome; without that, they never would have succeeded. AND she punches Malfoy! Badass.


Jordan was a cool character to read about – and not just because football is my life, too… She learned a lot and opened up some more emotional parts of herself throughout the book, while still being an awesome quarterback with the rest of the guys on her team. Lots of character development!

Lola is the MC of my “least favorite” book in the companion series, but I think I liked her character the most. She was never afraid to be herself through the clothing she designed. There were some things that bugged me about her character, but she comes to mind first when I think of strong characters by Perkins.

Caymen may be my favorite contemporary heroine of all time. Her sassiness knew no bounds! The sarcastic comments to Xander completely made me smile from ear to ear. She’s the epitome of a fun and sassy MC.

Whitley was my girl the moment she mentioned her love of tequila. She was certainly flawed in a lot of her thinking and actions, but she always admitted to it. She didn’t make excuses or hide from her mistakes. I really admired that about her.

Charlie comes in a similar vein to Jordan. She was just “one of the boys” until she dug a little deeper and got in touch with her “girly” side. This is usually a trope I hate (in fact, typing those words in the quotes was not easy for me to do) but it was done so well here!


Goodreads: All Our Yesterdays / Dissonance / The Darkest Part of the Forest / A Court of Thorns and Roses / Lola and the Boy Next Door / The Distance Between Us / Catching Jordan / A Midsummer’s Nightmare / On the Fence / Harry Potter

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