Operation COYER and eBooks I Keep Forgetting

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I saw a few posts recently (Kristen and Jamie) about ebooks people forgot they owned. This happens to me ALL the time – I buy a book I’m excited to read (or even one I’m not as excited to read but hello Kindle sale) and then I completely forget about it until I’m scrolling through my Kindle, looking for my next read. I actually don’t do this super often because if I open up my Kindle, I have a book in mind. The other night before bed though, I did find myself flipping through and trying to see what I was in the mood for. I found so many gems that are just waiting to be read! I’m calling this Operation COYER based on the COYER (clean out your e-reads) Challenge. I’m not an official participant but I liked the wording, so I wanted to link over there.

First, I’ll share a few books that I keep forgetting I have on my Kindle. Then, I’ll talk about how I plan to clean my ereader out and be a happier person. I hate that my Kindle is so damn slooooow.

Top books I keep forgetting about

Me, You and Tiramisu          This Time Around

Me, You, and Tiramisu by Charlotte Butterfield | I loved another one of this author’s books and immediately downloaded this other book because it was cheaper. These characters were minimally introduced in CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE and I love the whole bookstore idea. I wanted to read it soonafter but I’m bad about reading multiple books by an author in a row; I prefer to savor them.

This Time Around by Tawna Fenske | I get so excited about certain books and then never remember that I bought them. I love second chance romances and was counting down for this book. I think I even preordered it, which I almost never do for ebooks.

Wish You Were Here          It's Not Me, It's You

Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino | I absolutely love the cover of this book and honestly that could be the main reason I bought it in the first place. The book itself got some good review from fellow bloggers and the topic is kind of up my alley, but I haven’t felt the pull to read it yet. The Kindle edition was on sale for $2 one day and I snapped it up so quickly.

It’s Not Me, It’s You by Stephanie Kate Strohm | I keep adding this author’s books to my TBR (and to my Kindle) but never get around to reading them. Honestly every single synopsis sounds right up my alley and this one is no exception. I need to read this!

The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love          The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash | Andi raved about this one and I really loved the author’s debut, but for some reason I keep sleeping on this one! I actually had zero idea I owned the Kindle version until I checked my Goodreads shelves for this post. So I’m happy to see it there and hopefully I’ll read it at some point.

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell | This was another book I just HAD to buy and it’s been sitting on my Kindle for ages. I love books about bucket lists and this cover is so adorable. I’m really not sure why I keep forgetting about it…? A lot of the adult contemporary romances I’ve been reading have been more serious lately, so maybe I’m just blanking on it.

 Reasons to clean out my ereader

1. I keep forgetting I have certain books on there, and some are super old.

I did download a lot of freebies or cheap books without really thinking about it, back in the day. I am SO much more careful about books now that I’m an obsessive Goodreads user. So many of those old books from my college days are never going to be read by me, so I need to make my peace with it and just delete them. They’re not even gone forever! They’re just off my Kindle.

2. I have a lot of backlist egalleys I should read and clean out.

The main reason I signed up for the NG & EW challenge this year (and will be participating in State of the ARC posts) is so I can keep track of what digital review copies I have to read. There are some old ones on there from like 2015 and I do still generally want to read most of the books! I just haven’t been able to motivate myself yet.

3. My Kindle is slow and running out of space.

I’ll probably get a new one in the next year or so, but I’m not dying for it. I think the bigger solution is to eliminate some ebooks. I always delete them from the Kindle when I finish reading them, but I still end up buying or receiving more to replace them. I never make any progress with the actual CLEANING part.

How to do it

1. Start by deleting old books from my Kindle I won’t read.

All of those freebies or cheap books I downloaded in 2013-2014 can go. I’m never going to read them. I need to open my Kindle, scroll through all of the books, and remove the ones I’m not going to read. If I randomly do decide to read them again someday, I can re-download them. It’s literally that easy.

2. Successfully work on my NG & EW challenge.

This will happen in two ways. I want to keep up on ARC due dates and be current on the 2018 ARCs I have. This will be easy probably because I’ve done a great job with only requesting books I genuinely am excited about. That’s the first step. Keeping all of my new books current will be helpful. The second is to attack the overdue ARCs once a month. I want to try to read one of them each month, even if it results in a DNF. I don’t have any issue with doing this as my Netgalley review because at this point they’re probably hoping to hear anything lol. That’ll knock off 12 books for 2018.

3. Refer to my above list and try to bang some of them out.

The actual point of making this post was to share some of the books I keep forgetting I have, just like the other ladies did. I ended up turning this into something I’m DETERMINED to do instead of just making a fun list, but I really hope that helps me. I just need to be reminded of why I downloaded them in the first place and come back to read them.

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