Five on Fridays #11 and Life of a Blogger #1

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This week I’ll be combining two features on my blog!

fiveonfridayplus life of a blogger

I write my Five on Friday post each Friday that I actually have some non-bookish updates. (My life is boring, folks.) I’ve also been wanting to join in with the Life of a Blogger meme, hosted at Novel Heartbeat, which happens on Thursday. On weeks where I don’t have a lot of updates, I’ll participate in Life of a Blogger instead of Five on Friday. It’ll just be a way for me to add some personal updates and info each week in one of two formats! This week, the Life of a Blogger topic is New Year’s, which I was going to include in my Five on Friday post anyway! (Also yes I realize it’s not Friday)

ONENew Year’s

I’ve actually done a wide variety of things on New Years Eve over the past few years! When I was a kid I would just stay up late with my parents and watch the ball drop. In high school, we would go to my friend’s house every year and hang out until the ball dropped. His mom would always make us great food and one of my friends would bring monkey bread. So good. This tradition kind of fizzled out throughout college because less people would be home and some people would be hanging out with their college friends. Freshman year of college, a friend and I went to a house party and it was pretty lame actually. The rest of college New Years are kind of a blur, but we did spend one in Boston (which was a lot of fun) and one in Maine (which was also a lot of fun). Since graduating college, we spent a couple of low-key New Years at friends houses. Nothing too crazy. Someday I’d like to go to Times Square!

TWO2015 Lego Sets

My boyfriend is the big Lego collector but there are a number of sets that I pine over. I love the Disney Princess ones and there are new Elves sets coming out in March that seem cool. The end of 2014 was crazy because a lot of great sets were retiring that we wanted to get. The beginning of 2015 is crazy because now there are so many NEW sets we want! We went to the Lego store and I ended up with two sets while Chris didn’t even get any. I can’t believe it. We also got four new minifigure bags for the next series. I have a feeling this is going to be a Lego- and book-filled year. We should just build ourselves an apartment out of Legos and books. Seriously. It would save a lot of money.



I’ve been trying to up my game a little on Instagram instead of just following with challenges. I love taking pictures of books when I first sit down to read them and taking some haul pictures as they happen. Here’s a little collection from my Instagram recently!

2015-01-02 15.32.522014-12-14 18.40.262014-12-15 18.56.45
2015-01-01 19.19.422014-12-25 22.53.40



Yes I’m keeping this separate. Sometimes I make goals for myself for the New Year, but I really don’t like to consider them Resolutions. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of celebrating New Years. Time is something man-made and years only exist to keep track of it. I fully understand and appreciate those who decide to make Resolutions and really believe in celebrating New Years, but I’m just not one of those people! I think it’s a good way to set goals for yourself and track progress based on the fact that a new year is starting, but only because years are a way of tracking time. I did set some goals for myself and this blog but that’s really it. I want to lose some weight, but that’s been a goal for a while. What do you guys think of celebrating New Years? Do you make Resolutions?


Keeping the Apartment Clean

This probably seems stupid but we’re very bad at this most of the time. We have a lot of THINGS and even though our apartment is pretty good in size, we have shit everywhere. Not dirty or anything – just cluttered. We had some friends over two nights in a row after Christmas so we did a major clean around then. It was nice to have all of our Christmas stuff put away immediately, because I’m famous for letting Christmas gifts remain in a pile for a loooong time after the holiday. We’re trying to stay on top of things and keep things clean all the time. Even just tidying up one area per day makes a difference! (Now the one thing we still need to do is take down our Christmas tree and decorations. Blegh.)

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  1. I love your instagram photos. I keep wanting to make an account but I don’t have a good camera on my phone and bad lighting in my apartment and I’m just not that good at picture taking. Wow, I have a lot of excuses. Maybe I should just give it a whirl this year.

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