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Review: The Art of WishingThe Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar
Series: The Art of Wishing #1
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Published by Penguin on March 21st 2013
Also by this author: The Fourth Wish
Format: Paperback (336 pages) • Source: Library

Sometimes the most terrifying thing is getting what you really want.

Oliver’s skin was still warm, even though there wasn’t a wish waiting to be granted. That strange, spicy-tingly heat spread through my fingers again, and I squeezed his hand a little as we walked. Maybe it was just a reaction to him being inside my head, or to feeling him use his magic, but I suddenly found myself thinking about his pretty eyes, and wondering what it would be like to kiss him. I wondered if his lips felt like magic, too.
He glanced curiously at me, and I remembered: He could hear what I wanted. Our eyes locked, and my heart leaped into my throat. What did I want?

Oliver’s magic binds him to Margo until she makes three wishes. And while she tries to figure out what to wish for she begins to realize he might be what she wants most. The Art of Wishing is a modern romance with a touch of magic that is perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins and Susane Colosanti!



  • I was intrigued by this book when I saw the premise. It was a really unique and compelling take on genies. I loved learning about what being a genie entails and how it can be a lot different than the mainstream interpretations of what genies do. (I’m kind of making it sound like genies are real now… maybe I’m convinced.)
  • The writing style in this book was really fast-paced and enjoyable. It was very easy to read, which is what I was in the mood for!
  • I’ve noticed this a lot in some of the books I’ve read lately: I like the slow release of information. It was over halfway through the book when I finally felt like I fully knew what it was like to be a genie and how Oliver’s life worked. I like jumping right into the middle of the action then learning more about the backstory as the book goes on.
  • I loved that this felt much more like a contemporary romance with some fantasy mixed in. The main characters grow closer and develop a relationship despite the fact that Oliver is a genie. It just felt like I was reading a cute romance story and OH YA he’s a genie too I guess. The paranormal/fantasy aspects were really cool and I loved when they were mixed in, too.
  • Oliver is so cute. I love him. That’s all.
  • The concept behind the book overall was really interesting. As I said before, I just couldn’t stop reading because of the pace, the story, and the characters. I just sat on my porch in my chair and read the last 70% of the book in one sitting.


  • Not many negatives with this one! One thing that bugged me was the backstory about Margo’s parents. There were constant references to a Parent Trap kind of situation, but I was surprised when they weren’t fleshed out completely. The vibe I got was that the parents were together, got divorced, and got back together. I think their characterization and story could have been developed a little more. It was unclear what actually happened with them, except for they were back together and honeymooning all over the place.
  • Some of the conversation style was a little awkward. I didn’t feel like I was reading a book about high schoolers a lot of the time. They would say things like “That I do” or “Indeed I am,” instead of just talking normally. I only noticed it a lot at the beginning of the book, but it was still kind of weird.
  • The ending was confusing. It all happened very quickly and I wasn’t sure who was doing what and why. I didn’t like that a few things (like Margo’s relationship with her best friend, Naomi) were left open-ended. Granted, there’s a sequel that I think picks up right where this one left off, but still. It felt unfinished and I would have been pissed if I read this book when it first came out and then had to wait for the second book.

1finalIf I could describe this one in one word, I would say it’s interesting. Not in the sarcastic weird way that people use that word. I was just so interested in reading it and finding out what was going to happen with Margo and Oliver’s story. It was unique, compelling, and really cute. It’s a quick read that has some elements of magic while maintaining the contemporary romance feel. I loved the characters, learning about Oliver’s story, and seeing them grow closer. The ending was a little confusing, but I know it’ll be cleared up in the sequel. Some of the awkward dialogue happened early in the book but kind of faded away throughout. Overall, this one gets a solid four stars from me. I’m tempted to increase the rating a little because I enjoyed it so much, but it didn’t blow me away enough to move onto an all-time favorites list. I will eagerly read the sequel immediately after typing this review, because I’m too invested in this story to wait any longer!


6 responses to “Review: The Art of Wishing

  1. Ooo I’m glad you liked this! I absolutely love contemporary stories that have a little fantasy mixed in, because it’s just, well, interesting! And Oliver does sound cute haha! I’m kind of intrigued at what the ending actually is, so yep, definitely going to pick this up one day!

    • Thank you! It was a really interesting book. I liked the second book in the series a lot too. I don’t recommend reading the synopsis of the second book until after you read the first, because it’s a major spoiler for the first book!

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