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Book Buddies is a discussion-style “review” that takes place with Cristina from Girl in the Pages. (You can check out past posts here.) We both read the book, have a discussion, and post our conversation (plus other fun things sometimes!) here. Book Buddies is a seasonal feature that now happens four times per year. Be sure to check out the other half of our feature and discussion on Cristina’s blog (link below)!

l and cBook Buddies: Daughter of Deep SilenceDaughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
on May 26th 2015
(384 pages) • GoodreadsAmazon Barnes & Noble

I’m the daughter of murdered parents.
I’m the friend of a dead girl.
I’m the lover of my enemy.
And I will have my revenge.

In the wake of the devastating destruction of the luxury yacht Persephone, just three souls remain to tell its story—and two of them are lying. Only Frances Mace knows the terrifying truth, and she’ll stop at nothing to avenge the murders of everyone she held dear. Even if it means taking down the boy she loves and possibly losing herself in the process.

Sharp and incisive, Daughter of Deep Silence by bestselling author Carrie Ryan is a deliciously smart revenge thriller that examines perceptions of identity, love, and the lengths to which one girl is willing to go when she thinks she has nothing to lose.

Check out Cristina’s post here!

We’ve decided to bring some new elements into our Book Buddies posts, so it will be less Q&A discussion between the two of us, and more personal applications to the book. I’ll also be including (at least for this particular book) my Cover Colors feature for both book covers – the redesigned paperback, which I read from, and the original hardcover. I will be sharing my quick thoughts on the book in this post for those of you who are looking for a review or recommendation as well, don’t worry! 😉

Cover Colors

daughter-of-deep-silence-1          daughter-of-deep-silence-2

daught-polycorwDaughter of Deep Silence by bookmarklit featuring Maybelline

I’ll let Cristina analyze the covers and why they may have been changed, but I have to say – they both really intrigue me, plot aside. I don’t get why the cover was changed and how the paperback edition really makes sense with the story itself. The hardcover does a perfect job of capturing what happens in the book, in my opinion. As for my Cover Colors and collage above… I loved playing with both books’ colors! The looks are based on the cover colors, as well as what the character may have worn for certain events. The red lipstick and nail polish bring out some of the original cover, but I think they could work all around.

book buddies ask

Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you ever want to go on one?

I haven’t! I’ve always wanted to go on one though. I used to keep a Disney Cruise Line catalog in my dad’s truck to read on car rides… I was kind of obsessed with it, embarrassingly enough. I’d definitely be afraid of getting seasick and having no option to get off. And, like many other people, having the irrational fear of it sinking or something. I believe Chris has been on one and it took his body time to adjust to the sea, which I think is what would happen to me, so we’ll see if we ever go on one! I’d love to give it a shot. #AllInclusiveBaby

Have you ever tried to change a certain trademark mannerism
you have, or have you ever tried to adopt a new one?

Hmmm, there are certain things I do that I definitely need to stop… mostly because they’re bad habits. I’m not sure if it’s the same but I always pick my skin, play with my earring so the earring back falls off, and bite my nails. These things definitely make me “me” and someone would have to adopt them if they wanted to impersonate me! In terms of adding mannerisms or habits, I always find that I accidently/subconsciously talk like certain friends after I’ve hung out with them. I just end up having certain inflections or pronunciations for some reason haha.

A huge theme of Daughter of Deep Silence is revenge. What are some of your
favorite “revenge” plots or acts that have happened in books, movies, or shows?

I haven’t really read a lot of books like this unfortunately! I do have a couple of revenge-oriented books on my TBR like Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend and the Burn for Burn series. I loooooved The Revenge Playbook and suggest everyone reads it for the girl power feels. I also read the Don’t Get Mad duo (not a huge fan but worth reading I think) and Winning (looooved!). In terms of other media, I’ve wanted to watch Revenge but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I loved the somewhat gross scene from The Help where she gets revenge on the lady she worked for. Talk about the ultimate payback!

Frances spent 7 days stranded at sea before she was rescued.
Do you like survival story narratives? If so, what are your favorites?

I can’t think of any real survival stories I’ve read except for some more “classics” from high school, like Hatchet by Gary Paulson. Maybe The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner count as survival as well. Oddly enough, I’ve read a couple of space-related survival books like Illuminae (and Gemina) and These Broken Stars. Out of all of these, both Illuminae books are my favorites! There’s something about surviving in space that intrigues me I guess.

Overall Thoughts

I don’t read a lot of thrillers, so maybe my expectations are different than others who are more well-versed in the genre. It’s one I’ve always wanted to explore more, hence my call for recommendations, and this one hit the mark for what intrigued me. I’ve never seen the show Revenge but I can see why people make that comparison for this book! I think there are some really cool revenge, pretending-to-be-someone-else elements in this story. I don’t think the characterization for Libby/Frances was honestly strong enough to pull that off though. She was evil and mad because she had to be, but I just didn’t FEEL it as much as I hoped. I also wished for more information about her life as Frances and her life as Libby. She barely talks about other friends or things from her “past life” at all. I know she was hell-bent on revenge, but did she really spend four whole years of her life plotting this without time for anything else at all? Seems kind of crazy to me. The events and reveals leading up to the end definitely seemed anticlimactic though. The whole book has you wondering WHY the senator and his son may or may not have been involved with the attack on the ship. The explanation and reasoning behind certain elements just didn’t resonate with me I guess. The ending itself was surprising in some ways, but otherwise a lot of the same – not anything to write home about. I think the epilogue was needed even though it didn’t do what I wanted it to do either. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think the sheer entertainment value and addictive nature of the book makes me very glad I read it. I would love to read similar stories too!

Plot & Premise
Writing Style
Pacing & Flow
Feels or Swoons
Addiction Level
Overall: 4

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