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BL headerThe Bookmark Lit Bulletin wraps up the last month in reading and what was on the blog, as well as what’s coming up next. You can check out my book haul, books read, posts shared, challenge updates, etc. You can read past bulletins here. If you’re looking for more personal updates, you can check out my Lauren Lately feature; it highlights my life events and non-bookish fun from the previous 30 days.

Another weird reading month! I’ve been going through these phases where I’ll barely read anything for multiple days, then pick up a book or two and finish them in one day/sitting. It’s very weird. I know this is partly because I got addicted to a few things… primarily watching beauty videos on YouTube. With Wrestlemania weekend happening, there were so many wrestling podcast episodes to listen to that my audio listening was weird. I did listen to bits and pieces of three this month (which is huge considering how few I’ve been listening to). I’m in the middle of an audiobook now and have a loooot of driving, commuting, and taking-a-train-into-NYC to do over this weekend. Hopefully May gets a good jump-start and this is the last slow reading month for a while!

this month in books

8 books read in April

8 new reads   •   0 reread   •   0 DNF
2624 pages read including 18:04 of audio

Source:    3 owned books {2 review copies}
5 borrowed books {1 review copies}

Formats:    1 hardcovers | 0 paperbacks | 2 ebooks
0 audio | 2 read/listen combinations | 3 egalleys | 0 ARCs
0 novellas, short stories, or graphic novels

Average rating this month:   3.7 stars


Super Cute

Met Expectations

Good Series End

All of the books read this month:
Love Songs & Other Lies9 Days and 9 NightsBeastly BonesStay SweetSweet Southern Hearts
The Chaos of Standing StillInfamousThe Elizas


Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge

2 read this month | 12 read total | 71% NG ratio

Love Songs & Other LiesThe Elizas

Popsugar Reading Challenge

1 read this month | 24 read total | 60% complete

The Chaos of Standing Still

Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge

0 read this month | 6 read total | 50% complete

None this month

Seasonal Bingo

Breakdown:  5 bought  |  2 borrowed  | 0 free/gifted | 6 for review 


Love & Luck Sadie Almost Impossible Love Songs & Other Lies The Good Luck Charm

From Netgalley: Love & Luck by Welch, Sadie by Summers, Almost Impossible by Williams,
Love Songs & Other Lies by Pennington, Good Luck Charm by Hunting

Physical Copies – From Publisher & Purchased


From publisher: Stay Sweet by Vivian and goodies!
Preordered: Circe by Madeline Miller

Purchased Kindle Books

Between Me and You When We Were Worthy  The Song of Achilles

Kindle sale: Between Me and You by Allison Winn Scotch, When We Were Worthy by Whalen,
The Falconer by May, The Song of Achilles by Miller

Current Library Books

Checked out: Sam & Ilsa’s Last Hurrah by Cohn/Levithan, I Have Lost My Way by Forman

My recent personal / life update found in the last Lauren Lately HERE.

April’s goal: Read 3+ owned physical books

This is a tough one to calculate because I technically added a physical book this month from the STAY SWEET package. I did read the book right away though! I think that counts for sure. So, in any case, I read STAY SWEET, then started (and then put aside for other books) ONE AND ONLY. I cut down on the books I have here and brought home quite a few that I didn’t think I’d be in the mood to read between now and the end of June though. My current stack to read is pictured to the side, so you can see I definitely cut down!

May’s goal: Read 5+ owned physical books

I’m going to stick with the same goal here because by June, it would be wonderful to have the vast majority of my books home. That means May will involve a LOT of physical copies being read. I’m hoping to get around five done. On my TBR post (linked later) you’ll see that I plan to read five May-pub-date egalleys and five of my physical books to round out the month. I have a couple others I need to read too but hopefully can manage 11-12 books in May to get ahead again!

Monthly features | You know I don’t have a lot of blog posts planned when I have to highlight the fact that my normal monthly posts will be on the blog… so yep, we’ve got TTTs, this BL Bulletin, Lauren Lately, monthly TBR, and the Add it to my List link-up.

Blog tours | As of right now, I have to May blog tours planned – LOVE & LUCK and HERONS LANDING. The former is a YA contemporary set in Ireland (yes!) and the latter is an adult contemporary that’s right up my alley. Any kind of companion book series set in a quirky small town makes it onto my TBR!

Groundhog Day Books | This is a post that had a great idea in theory but I realized somewhat quickly that there aren’t as many books under this topic as I was hoping/expecting! I enjoyed working on it and researching some books though, so hopefully others have recs or agree that it’s a fun book premise!

101 in 1001 Book & Movie Recs | For my Day Zero list, I have a goal to watch and read 15 books and 15 movies recommended by friends before the list is done. I already compiled a few via Twitter but hope to capture a handful more from this post!

Bout of Books posts | I’m definitely participating in Bout of Books next month because I want to get ahead on my Goodreads goal before June! At the time of writing this, I’m two books ahead. I know June into July will be so busy for me so I really don’t know how much reading I’ll be doing. I hope to crank out a loooot of books during Bout of Books. We’re also going camping the last few days of the readathon so I’m hoping to enjoy some Kindle books by the fire or when we go hiking and take breaks.

Check out my May TBR post! ?

How was your April?
Anything good planned for May?

6 responses to “Bookmark Lit Bulletin | April 2018

  1. I’ve been going through the same reading phase, strangely enough. It seems like every Saturday, I have this urge to read literally all day and I’ll finish four books before spending the rest of the week not reading a thing. It’s kind of detrimental to my review writing (who wants to write four reviews in one day?? Or maybe it’s just me) but I’m keeping up with my Goodreads goal so I’m not complaining. I hope you have a lovely May, Lauren!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks recently posted: 50/50 Friday (82): First/Last Book Read in 2017
  2. This sounds really great! I disappeared from the blogging community for a while and I’m so inspired seeing all these posts that you have planned. I hope you have a great time in NYC and hope your reading schedule goes back on track. Mine’s definitely been a lot wonky, too.

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