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I’m actually more behind than usual on holiday things. I try to start watching movies and listening to music right after Halloween but it’s been a weird year that’s going by way too quickly! I hope to start making some headway this weekend (with movies and music at least) and maybe start my first holiday book next week! Here are my reading and watching plans for this season.

Here’s a roundup of ALL of the holiday books I may read, including review copies (both backlist and current year), new releases, and backlist titles that have intrigued me.

This year I only have four holiday review copies – I tried to keep the amount lower than usual because my reading life has been shitty. Really excited for all of these though!

These are the top holiday books that are intriguing to me this year. I know for sure I’ll get to the new Maggie Knox and Jenny Holiday, but the others – we’ll see!

Way more backlist than usual – I even deleted some of the older ones because I just know it ain’t happening. Some of these remain from the past few years just as a reminder. I think I’ll definitely read the 2021 Jenny Bayliss and probably the Codi Hall since I have the second companion book for review this year.

I join holiday-themed readathons or challenges each year usually, but I haven’t yet identified any for this year. Not sure if they just haven’t been announced yet or if I haven’t seen them… I’ll do some investigating soon!

Check out my full list of 2022 releases HERE!

Here are some upcoming holiday movies I’m excited to watch this year, plus others I may have missed from the previous years. I’m not including Hallmark movies here just because I will probably watch as many as possible, and I may keep track in another blog post like I’ve done in the past to round up weekly.

These are upcoming or previously released Netflix movies I haven’t gotten to yet. There are a number of great-sounding movies here but for whatever reason, we watch some of our old favorites and I don’t watch newer movies unless they’re Hallmark.

This is the same graphic every single year because I still managed to miss some last year, plus I want to rewatch others. I won’t get to all of these, of course, but hopefully most!

I like to include this section now because it allows you to see other book and movie reviews, as well as general holiday happenings around the blog. Hopefully you can use this post in general and the ones linked below to curate YOUR holiday reading or watching lists!

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